Cosmetic Dentures
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Many people think that dentures have been left behind in the cosmetic dental revolution, itís not so! In fact, using the latest technology and techniques, cosmetic dentures can create the ultimate smile makeover. Forget 10 years younger, the latest in cosmetic dentures can not only restore your smile but take 20 years off your whole face!

Implant supported dentures

Many patients with no remaining teeth or teeth that need removal do not want to wear a removable denture. Implants are a totally secure, very long-lasting option. The titanium implant is placed in the jawbone by a minor surgical procedure and actually becomes part of your natural bone. Dentures secured via implants are the ultimate solution, giving you the confidence to eat, smile and laugh.
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New techniques mean that, in many cases, we can place the implants and secure the denture on the same day - "teeth-in-a-day."

Dr. Tale has extensive experience and knowledge in the placement and restoration of implants

Teeth Whitening

Do you want to feel good and look great with whiter teeth in less than an hour? The safest and best whitening solutions can be provided in our offices using the latest in laser technology. Read More

Financing Options

Lake Forest Dental Healthcare is a preferred provider for most dental health insurance plans. we accept almost all dental insurance, however call us please to confirm your individual dental plan with us.†††    

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