Root Canals

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Once a cavity forms within a tooth, it needs to be treated quickly with a filling.  If no treatment is done at that time, the cavity will continue to grow and become painful.  A root canal is usually needed when the cavity has reached the nerve of the tooth.  Should a root canal not be performed in this situation, it can lead to further pain and eventual loss of that tooth.  Root canals are usually the last attempt at saving a tooth.  Most people cringe at the mere mention of the words “root canal”, but the truth of the matter is that most root canals are absolutely painless using our local anesthesia techniques!
The root canal procedure involves numbing the tooth in question.  Next, the infected nerve tissue is removed from within the roots of that tooth.  Once the nerve of the tooth is removed, there is no more potential for pain and infection.  The last part of the root canal involves placing a filler material (gutta percha) within these canals, therefore preventing any future infections.
At this time the tooth is ready to be restored, usually with a crown.

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